Micro and Nano Systems Laboratory


Orientation and Training
The supervisor will conduct the training for MNSL users. Information on the current supervisor can be provided in the contact info section.

Training will include:
  • Review of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the hazardous substances in the MNSL facility.
  • Emergency stop procedures.
  • Safe gas handling procedures.
  • Basic training required for the use of the specific gases and chemicals in the MNSL facility.
  • Emergency response procedures

Only authorized personnel, who have completed MNSL safety training, are allowed full access to MNSL facilities. Visitors, maintenance and repair personnel without safety training will be will be supervised by authorized personnel and must have have appropriate protection.


Personnel including, faculty, staff, teaching and research assistants, and students are responsible for safe use and handling of chemicals and hazardous gases for their research activities in the laboratories. Proper conduct and a professional attitude are required at all times.

Many sensitive experiments with many hours of work are taking place on a regular basis. MNSL personnel must act in a manner that will not disrupt, or disturb other researchers using the Cleanroom. Any activities that deviate from normal behavior must be reported to the supervisor immediately